Cumnock History Group is celebrating its 10th birthday this year with a celebratory dinner this month.

The group was created with the aim of researching the history and heritage of the town.

Over the years, members of the group and contributors have shared stunning photos of Cumnock dating back many years.

Cumnock Chronicle: The old stand at Cumnock's Townhead Park.The old stand at Cumnock's Townhead Park. (Image: Cumnock History Group)

The first meeting of the group was held back in November 2013, by the late Bobby Grierson at the Baird Institute.

In the years since, things such as old school photos, how The Square once looked, and old buildings that have since been knocked down have all been detailed by the group.

Chair and Secretary of the group, Kay McMeekin shared some of the history of the group with the Cumnock Chronicle.

Cumnock Chronicle: The Dettingen Roundabout during the build of theA76 bypass.The Dettingen Roundabout during the build of theA76 bypass. (Image: Cumnock History Group)

Kay said: "Bobby set up a wonderful website packed with information and photos about Cumnock, its history and its people.

"One of the first things Bobby did was create a heritage trail leaflet which has a map and historical information of the places on the trail.

"This was printed and distributed freely around the town in hotels and tourist attractions.

"Many of our members have found they are related way back to other members.

"The tree started with about 3000 people from both Bobby and my own family trees and now has over 63,000 names on it."

Cumnock Chronicle: Cumnock Swimming Pool.Cumnock Swimming Pool. (Image: Cumnock History Group)

Kay added: "The group likes to engage with the community and we can take items or talks out to community groups, homes or schools.

"We would love more local members to get involved. We could do with help on the techy side, website and social media.

"We have members in their 30s and would like more younger people on board."

The group's anniversary dinner is set to take place on Monday, February 19 at the Dumfries Arms Hotel.

Tickets cost £30 and includes a three-course meal, as well as coffee and tea.

More information can be found by contacting Kay on