Two teenage thugs stamped on a defenceless man’s head after an argument in the centre of Cumnock.

Jack McCall and Nathan Conway left their victim with fractures to his face after the shocking attack in The Square.

The attack only came to the attention of police after they were contacted by a doctor.

The duo, both 19, pleaded guilty to a charge of serious assault when they appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court.

McCall admitted assaulting the victim, pulling him to the ground and repeatedly punching and kicking him to the head and body while he lay on the ground before grabbing and pulling the victim by the body.

Conway pleaded guilty to punching and kicking the man to the head and body as he lay on the ground.

Procurator fiscal depute Chris Munro told the court: “Police were contacted by a doctor at ICU at Ayr Hospital at 10.50am after a patient was admitted with serious facial injuries. 

“The patient had facial fractures and air trapped behind his eye.

“The doctor was informed he had been assaulted by males near a pub and kebab shop.

“Due to the seriousness of the injuries the doctor contacted police, who attended and spoke to the complainer; he was uncooperative but confirmed he was assaulted the previous evening.

“They seized his bloody clothing and contacted East Ayrshire Council to view CCTV.

“Inquiries provided police with a co-accused, who provided assistance. Police then attended the Victoria Inn and observed CCTV footage.”

Describing the detail of the footage, Mr Munro said the witness could be seen engaged in an argument near the entrance to the shop, before being seen “gesturing and squaring up”.

Mr Munro continued: “They continued arguing and the accused is seen manuevering behind him.

“When squaring up the accused McCall punched the witness to the side of the face."

The court heard the victim fell to the ground and the two thugs were able to kick him to the head before a member of the public tried to intervene.

But Conway continued to assault the man, kicking him to the head, face and body.

Mr Munro added: “The witness managed to get to his feet and was ushered into the bar.

“Nathan Conway was seen hanging about, speaking to Jack McCall.”

Both accused later attended Kilmarnock police office and were arrested.

The court heard the victim of the attack, which happened on September 2, 2022, suffered “extensive neck and facial injuries” but did not require an operation.

Mr Munro told Sheriff Desmond Leslie that he did not have the CCTV footage available to show to the court, but promised to bring it to show to the judge before the pair are punished.

Sheriff Leslie deferred sentence on both for criminal justice social work reports and released both McCall and Conway, of Emrys Avenue and Forbes Avenue, Cumnock, respectively on bail.

The pair, who were represented by defence solicitors Ian Gillies and Robert Logan, will return to court for sentencing at a later date.