An Ayrshire woman who previously starred in a controversial BBC reality show now faces charges of sexually assaulting men in Cumnock and exposing her breasts.

Dayna McLaughlan pleaded not guilty to six charges of threatening abusive behaviour, sexual assault, and resisting arrest.

The 32-year-old, who starred in the 2010 BBC documentary series The Scheme, is accused of causing fear and alarm after shouting and swearing at a male and female at Wylie Crescent.

It’s alleged she then removed her jacket, exposing her bare breasts while gesticulating in an aggressive manner on September 8 last year.

It is alleged she then shouted and swore while acting in an aggressive manner on September 16 last year in Meacher Court and en route to Kilmarnock police office, repeatedly spitting in a police vehicle.

The charges state this was while subject to an undertaking to appear in the dock on October 30, 2023.

It is further alleged she resisted, obstructed or hindered two officers struggling violently with them on October 3.

It’s alleged Ms McLaughlin shouted swore and made offensive remarks to the police, refusing requests to leave the address in Wylie Crescent when requested to.

She faces a sexual assault charge allegedly touching a man's leg before pushing him on a bed on October 4.

It’s claimed she then jumped on top of him and attempted to kiss him during an incident at an address in Wylie Crescent.

She faces a further charge of touching a a second man’s privates under his clothing.

Ms McLaughlan pleaded not guilty to all the charges when the case called at Ayr Sheriff Court on Wednesday, January 3.

Bail was continued for the accused, who appeared represented by defence solicitor Sandy Currie.

The Wylie Crescent resident will return to face the charges again at a later date.

The Scheme BBC show followed the lives of six families in the Onthank and Knockinlaw housing schemes.