Plans have been approved to build a new house and garage near a farm in Skares.

An application was lodged with East Ayrshire Council (EAC) by Stairhill Architecture Ltd back in October for the new building.

The new development will include a three-bedroom home with a lounge, sunroom and kitchen/dining area.

Also included in the build will be a large garage to the rear of the home, with an attached greenhouse.

Three new parking spaces will also be included in the plans.

Cumnock Chronicle: Neither the Ayrshire Roads Alliance nor Scottish Water lodged any objections to the plans, while no comments were made, for or against, by any member of the public.

In a report on the handling of the application, an EAC official stated: "Overall, the proposed dwellinghouse with associated garage is considered to be acceptable.

"The design of the dwelling and garage are suitable within the rural area and the layout of the site is not considered to have any unacceptable impacts on the character of the area.

"The development is not considered to have a negative impact on the landscape character and there are suitable biodiversity preservation and enhancement measures proposed.

"The proposed drainage, landscaping, open space provisions, boundary treatments and parking/access arrangements are all considered to be acceptable."

The plan were approved by East Ayrshire Council on December 20, once "prior to commencement" conditions are met.