An Ayrshire vet practice has issued important advice over walking your dogs in the winter. 

Vets4Pets Ayrshire has released a handy chart which shows exactly how cold is too cold for your dogs to be outside. 

For small dogs, anything below seven degrees is considered low risk, with anything below four degrees said to be potentially unsafe. 

Minus temperatures are very high risk for small dogs, with a severe risk at anything below minus six degrees.

For medium sized dogs, the risk for each stage remains the same, but severe risk only starts at around minus ten degrees.

For large dogs, low risk starts at four degrees, with anything below one degree potentially unsafe. 

Very high risk for large dogs is at minus nine, and anything below minus 12 is a severe risk.

A Vets4Pets spokesperson said: "As the days are getting shorter and much colder, we thought we would share this with you all to make you aware of when you should take your pet out for a walk and when is best to avoid it and to stay cosy in the house."