Concerns have been raised around plans to build 75 new homes in Drongan.

We reported last week how plans to build the new homes have been recommended for approval by council officials.

Applicant Hayhill Developments lodged plans to build 75 new homes on a site at Water of Coyle, off Truesdale Crescent on the south-western edge of the village.

A design and access statement shows plans for a variety of house types, from two-bedroom terraced homes to four-bedroom detached properties, built over a mixture of one and two storeys.

Despite the recommendation for approval, concerns have been raised by some locals.

Cumnock Chronicle: A view of the proposed layout of the homes, off Truesdale Crescent.A view of the proposed layout of the homes, off Truesdale Crescent. (Image: Lodge Architects/East Ayrshire Council)

In an official objection to East Ayrshire Council, one resident raised fears about the area around their home being a potential ‘gathering place for youths drinking alcohol’.

They said: “The proposed plan shows a footpath and pubic space close to my own back garden.

“Experience has shown that this has the potential to be a gathering place for youths drinking alcohol, with empty cans and bottles being thrown into the back gardens of the Truesdale Crescent homes.

“In addition, entry into the back gardens of the Truesdale Crescent residencies will be extremely easy from this path location.”

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Planners responded saying: “There is no reason to suggest that this area will experience dumping of rubbish or anti-social behaviour.

“Increased households provided through the proposed development, to the south of Truesdale Crescent would be likely to increase security, rather than being sited next to the current field that is not overlooked.”

Another resident raised concern about an ‘invasion of privacy’, saying: “The plans show dwellings at the rear of my property in an elevated location, therefore overlooking my rear garden and conservatory."

Planners said the objector’s property is 48 metres away, with the proposed properties on similar heights.

The loss of an agricultural site in the village was also raised.

Cumnock Chronicle:

A third objector stated: “It has proven to be an excellent agricultural asset, where cows and sheep have been grazing for years, and provides silage feeding for cows during the winter months.

“There are far more suitable locations for housing in Drongan.”

Planners pointed out that the site had been allocated for housing in the East Ayrshire local development plan for more than a decade.

Flooding was also flagged up as a reason for refusal, with a fourth objector stating: “Research has shown that the proposed location for the development is prone to flooding.

“I live in Truesdale Crescent and at the moment after all the bad weather we’ve had (which is a regular occurrence) all the back gardens facing onto the field of the proposed build are water logged.

“If you have kids they can’t play outside as the grass areas are like swamps – this is not a healthy area for the kids to play as there is always water lying stagnant on the surface of the paved areas.

“Building more houses in the field is only going to make matters worse re drainage as it has quite a slope, therefore any excess water will inevitably run down into our back gardens.”

Planners responded: “There is no record of flooding on the site or in the area and there are no areas of flood risk noted in SEPA flood mapping.”

It was also claimed that the development was ‘depleting the green space’ where animals like deer and pheasant thrive.

East Ayrshire Council’s Planning Committee will consider the application on Friday, November 24.