Preliminary plans are in place for a school reunion for pupils who left 50 years ago.

Cumnock Academy leavers from 1974 are being tracked down to come together and share stories with their former classmates.

With the Cumnock Academy building no longer there, this promises to be a great event to share all the best school memories and catch up from the years since being in the 'crushes'.

Cumnock Chronicle: A school photo from 1974.A school photo from 1974. (Image: Gerald Phillips)

Organisers Gerald Phillips, John Strawhorn and Carol Johnston (nee White) are looking to gauge interest and numbers before drawing up detailed plans for the event.

Gerald said: "June 2024 will mark the 50th anniversary of the S6 pupils of 1974 leaving Cumnock Academy.

"A reunion lunch is being planned for mid June next year to celebrate this event, [but the] exact date and venue are still to be confirmed.

"We would appreciate if Chronicle readers who recognise any names or faces could pass on this information to friends or family members.

"Anyone wishing to attend or wanting further information should contact one of the organisers".

You can contact one of the organisers by emailing, or