Muirkirk Bowling Club is one three East Ayrshire Bowling Clubs that will share £140,000 in windfarm cash.

West Netherton, Muirkirk and Loudoun Working Men’s Bowling Club applied to the Whitelee Renewable Energy Fund for significant works at their respective premises.

The largest application came from Galston’s Loudoun Working Men’s Bowling Club.

They asked for £67,452 to replace the Titchfield Street club’s flat roof and refurbish the toilets.

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Like Loudoun, Muirkirk Bowling Club is looking for funds to replace a roof at their Glasgow Road premises.

A report to the Grants Committee states: “A grant of £29,920 is requested to replace the flat roof at Muirkirk Bowling Club’s premises.

“Due to water ingress, a quote for the repair of the club’s flat roof was requested from a local contractor.

"Unfortunately, the roof inspection highlighted that, due to sagging joists, a large area of the roof structure is very fragile and might struggle to survive a heavy snowfall over the winter.

“Another view was sought and it was confirmed that the felt roof and some of the underlying wood structure would need to be replaced in the shorter term.

"The club are therefore seeking grant support to replace the felt roof to prevent any further damage to the clubhouse and to ensure that the clubhouse remains wind and watertight longer term.”

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The club had hoped a significant portion of the funding would be secured from the village’s participatory budgeting event, but was unsuccessful.

It intends to contribute £5000 from club funds and find further cash to redecorate internal areas damaged by rainwater.

All three have been recommended for granting by councillors when they meet on Wednesday, pointing to the difficulties faced by clubs in the current economic climate.

The report says that funders have been reluctant to support clubs who operate bar and function spaces.

“This has resulted in local bowling clubs struggling to identify funds to maintain land and buildings longer term.”

The council’s Grants Committee approved the funds last week.