A Cumnock man admits sending more than forty abusive messages to ex but he ‘didn’t think it was threatening’.

Ayden Micolaantonio Guglielmucci pleaded guilty to the charge of threatening or abusive behaviour after sending 40 messages in two hours on June 14 this year

The 31-year-old was warned not to contact her again while he awaits sentence for sending the abusive messages in Tarbolton.

The Procurator Fiscal depute said: “The witness was previously in a relationship with the accused. This ended shortly after Valentine’s Day.

“On September 7 at 1.15am the witness received a notification in her home address the accused mad a comment with a series of laughing emojis.

"He stated; 'You still can’t keep a fellow you pathetic c**t'.

"He also said; 'F**k off' and 'you were a c**t'.

“The witness felt uneasy receiving the messages and felt the only option was to call the police.

“She had initially replied asking him to stop but he ignored her request.

“Police officers attended and she showed images of the messages.

“The accused was traced at his home address arrested and taken to the police office.

“He was thereafter interviewed and made admissions, thereafter cautioned and charged."

The court heard he replied: “They were abusive, but not threatening.”

Defence solicitor Robert Logan said: “She seems to have said to not contact her again and he went in the huff.

"He accepts he was abusive but not threatening, this doesn’t excuse him.

“It’s a matter of great regret.”

Sheriff Mhairi MacTaggart said: "You are accepting this was abusive, but just imagine the other side and that you received 40 messages in a two hour period. Would you feel threatened?

On responding "personally no", she added “I think she would”.

Sheriff MacTaggart continued: “This kind of conduct won’t be tolerated, it doesn’t matter if it’s not face-to-face.”

Sentence was deferred for three months to show good behaviour and consider any non-harassment order.

Sheriff MacTaggart added: "If you contact her again you are in serious trouble."

Guglielmucci, of Holmburn Road, Netherthird, Cumnock, will return to court for sentencing in the new year.