It's opening day for Cumnock's newest restaurant.

The Clydesdale, a new Mediterranean-style restaurant, will welcome customers at the site of the former Clydesdale Bank building in Cumnock from Friday, November 3.

Cumnock Chronicle: The Clydesdale.The Clydesdale. (Image: NQ Archive)

The building had been vacant since the bank closed six years ago, but work has been ongoing over the past few weeks and months to completely transform it.

New owners Leisa Hall and partner Stevie Hooper-Sanders, along with some help from friends and family, have transformed the former bank building into a new eatery.

Cumnock Chronicle: How it looked before.How it looked before. (Image: The Clydesdale.)

The pair decided to keep some of the original features, with some of the bank safes remaining in place.

They also made the decision to keep the name as The Clydesdale, as a nod to the bank that had occupied the building for a number of years.

Cumnock Chronicle:

After weeks of hard work, tears and almost thinking it wouldn't happen, their dream has finally become a reality.

Leisa, originally from Cumnock, admitted that she thought this day might never come, but that she's overwhelmingly proud of how things have turned out.

Cumnock Chronicle: Quite the transformation.Quite the transformation. (Image: The Clydesdale)

She said: "Stevie is the electrician and I was long-haul cabin crew for British Airways for 26 years, but I lost that job during Covid.

"I've always wanted a coffee shop and Stevie has always wanted to get away from being an electrician, so when this opportunity came about we jumped at the chance.

Cumnock Chronicle: Original features.Original features. (Image: The Clydesdale.)

"It's taken a wee bit of time and we originally thought about the In The Pink building.

"When we came into the building in June, we have gutted it out from it still being in the condition of a bank.

Cumnock Chronicle:

"We've kept some of the original features like the safes and we've reused the cashier desks as part of our bar area".

Leisa added: "I don't think a lot of people thought it was going to happen and some people thought we were off our heads.

Cumnock Chronicle:

"There were times when I thought that as well to be honest. I'd never put work boots on before this and we only go two contractors in for the whole process.

Cumnock Chronicle: The Clydesdale The Clydesdale (Image: NQ Archive)

"When I stand here and see the position we're in now to where we've come from, I'm really proud of how far we've come."