The former Auchinleck Academy building is to be demolished, East Ayrshire Council has confirmed.

As part of an ongoing review in the future of leisure provisions in Auchinleck and Cumnock, a decision was made to join Auchinleck and Cumnock Academy to form the Robert Burns Academy.

Built in the early 1970s, the main Auchinleck school building has lain empty since pupils moved to the new school in October 2020.

However, the leisure facilities, including the pool, gym halls and outdoor pitch are all currently still active.

We reported how EAC had made the decision to close Auchinleck Leisure Centre, with a meeting taking place at the centre last night to try and revoke this decision.

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Now council bosses have made the decision to demolish the former Auchinleck Academy from April 2024.

Recommendations were set out at Cabinet during a confidential report on Wednesday, October 25.

EAC says that the decision will aim to save it"£400,000 pa as well as the £6.5m capital investment which will be required to retain the facility.” 

It is also being planned that the Merlin Park in Auchinleck will be fitted with a 3g pitch and flood lighting, to coincide with the closure of the pitch at Auchinleck Academy.

Auchinleck Talbot will move their training base to this new Merlin Park pitch, according to EAC bosses.

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Upgraded lighting at  the former Auchinleck Academy will be moved to Loudoun Leisure Centre which also required upgrading. 

Richard Grieveson, depute chief executive, East Ayrshire Council said: “Between February and May 2020 we consulted with existing users of the facilities at Auchinleck Leisure Centre to determine local needs and expectations for future leisure provision in the area and the overriding concern at that time was the potential loss of the pitches and indoor facilities.

"In May 2022 East Ayrshire Leisure Trust commissioned an independent study of Auchinleck Leisure Centre and it is the recommendations and associated significant cost implications arising from these that have prompted our final decision to decommission the pool in Auchinleck.

“Given the proximity of Visions Leisure Centre and the Barony Sports Village, the level of sports provision in these communities can be maintained."