A petition has been launched to try and save Auchinleck Leisure Centre from closing for good next month.

Lesley-Anne Gibson, who launched the petition on Change.org has urged people to sign it, to show the strength of feeling in the community about the loss of the centre.

We reported earlier today how East Ayrshire Leisure Trust chief officer Anneke Freel confirmed the closure plan in a letter to users.

East Ayrshire Council's Cabinet voted on the closure plan last week - though the centre's synthetic grass pitch will remain open until spring 2024. 

Read more: https://www.cumnockchronicle.com/news/23887952.fury-closure-auchinleck-leisure-centre-confirmed/

In her petition, which has already attracted more than 570 signatures, Lesley-Anne said: "My daughter, like many others in our community, relies on the leisure centre for her football club activities.

"The astro turf pitches are not just a piece of land; they are a hub where our community comes together to bond over sports and activities.

"The pool is more than just a body of water; it is an essential resource that provides health benefits and joy to all who use it. We cannot afford to lose this precious facility."

Sign the petition at: Petition · Prevent the Closure of Our Vital Leisure Centre in Auchinleck, Cumnock · Change.org

Lesley-Anne added: "According to Sport Scotland's data on leisure centres, these facilities play a critical role in promoting physical activity and improving public health. They serve as vital spaces for communities like ours in Auchinleck where people can engage in sports and other recreational activities.

"The closure of our leisure centre would not only deprive us of these benefits but also disrupt the social fabric that binds us together as a community.

"We must stand against this decision that threatens our wellbeing and sense of unity.

"We urge local authorities to reconsider their plans for closure and explore other alternatives that won't compromise our access to sport facilities or disrupt community life.

"Please sign this petition if you believe in preserving essential services such as our beloved leisure centre."