The man behind a popular Ayrshire café believes it was the right time to retire, as he thanks the public for all their support over the years.

Brian Meechan, who was the face of the Roundhouse café at Loch Doon for 23 years has decided now is the time for someone new to take over the premises.

After originally taking over the space from East Ayrshire Council back in 2000, Brian only expected to be there for three or four years.

Cumnock Chronicle: Brian has decided to sell up and retire.Brian has decided to sell up and retire. (Image: Roundhouse Loch Doon)

However, he has since transformed it into a hub for people visiting the popular loch, as well as building on the popularity of visitors coming to see the Ospreys at the loch.

Being from Dalmellington and spending many of his younger days at Loch Doon, it felt natural for Brian to take over and turn the café into what it is today.

Brian said: "I'm from Dalmellington and I've fished and been at Loch Doon for a lot of my younger life.

"It felt like a good chance and I jumped into it and we went from there.

"We started to get some interest and it became more popular as the loch got tidied up and then I eventually bought the site in 2010."

Cumnock Chronicle: Meeting James Cosmo at the loch.Meeting James Cosmo at the loch. (Image: Roundhouse Loch Doon)

There have been many highs during his time, and he's become a face that a lot of people know.

He added: "A lot of people know me because of it and they'll say hiya to me when they see me somewhere else.

"The support has been amazing throughout the years and I can't thank people enough for keep coming back to it.

"I'm so grateful for the business over the years, because it wouldn't have lasted 23 without people supporting it.

"I just hope that people continue to support the new owners whenever that gets finalised."

Cumnock Chronicle: They opened the Osprey lounge in 2016.They opened the Osprey lounge in 2016. (Image: Roundhouse Loch Doon)

No official takeover has been confirmed, but Brian did confirm that there will still be a dedicate site for people to come and view the popular Ospreys.

Following the sad loss of Brian's wife Nancy last year, it was decided that one of the Osprey chicks would be named Nancy in her memory.

Incredibly, Brian received a photo of the bird from Senegal in Africa, showing that it had travelled from Loch Doon right around the world.

Cumnock Chronicle: The bird pictured in Senegal.The bird pictured in Senegal. (Image: Brian Meechan)

"That's oor Nancy away travelling in Senegal," Brian said.

"Sometimes you just have to appreciate the moment and I've loved my time here.

"Although I'm retiring I'll still be about and I hope whoever takes it over has as great a time and as much success as we've all had.

"It's such an amazing and unique place, and I'm glad I got to spend so much of my time there and being a part of it."