Pupils at Logan Primary School were treated to a special guest as they looked into the history of the school to celebrate its anniversary.

Whilst celebrating the 60th anniversary of the school opening, pupils of this year’s primary 4 class were delighted to find a photograph of the first primary 4 class in Logan primary.

The class of 1963 were photographed with their teacher, Mrs Jean McMurdo.

Current class teachers, Julie Deans and Caroline Webb were able to arrange for Mrs McMurdo, now aged 97, to visit their P4 class.

Cumnock Chronicle: Original photo of Mrs McMurdo’s p4 class in 1963.Original photo of Mrs McMurdo’s p4 class in 1963. (Image: Logan Primary School.)

A former pupil of the original class, Hugh Gunning, who visits Mrs Mcmurdo regularly, also joined her on her visit.

The children felt very fortunate to meet both visitors and were enthralled with the stories of their school 60 years ago.

Cumnock Chronicle: The pupils listening to Mrs McMurdo's stories.The pupils listening to Mrs McMurdo's stories. (Image: Logan Primary School.)

Speaking of her visit to her former school, Mrs McMurdo said: "It was my recent pleasure to visit Logan primary school where I was class teacher in 1963, the year the school replaced Lugar school.

"One pupil of that class was Hugh Gunning and he joined me on that visit.

"We had a happy time talking with the pupils of today's P4 and contrasting school then and now.

"We were all agreed that our wee school was special, then and now, and we were and are privileged to go there. A special reminder to me of happy days."