A Loch Doon café stalwart has decided to sell up a popular café in the area after more than two decades at the helm.

Brian Meechan, owner of the Roundhouse café at Loch Doon, made the decision after serving people at the popular destination for 23 years.

The café has become a fixture of the attraction, with Brian also playing a key role in keen watchers coming to see the Loch Doon ospreys every year.

His efforts included securing vital funding for a new binocular telescope for the public to be able to view the birds from afar.

According to short statement announcing the decision on the Roundhouse Café Facebook page, Brian will be selling the café and hoping to move it into new hands soon.

Well-wishes have come in for Brian after his decision.

One person said: "Enjoy your retirement Brian. You have done Loch Doon proud, it won't be the same without you.

"Almost 30 years ago we first met you up Loch Doon in your wee shop, happy memories."

Another said: "All the best Brian, we enjoyed the chats with you and our doggy loved the treats he got from you.

"Have a happy retirement and thank you."