A Cumnock veterinarian has offered advice to owners of pets who become anxious when they hear fireworks.

Crossriggs Veterinary Clinic are planning ahead for when the loud bangs begin, and how pet owners can calm their loving animals during this time.

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The vets have seen first-hand the impact fireworks can have on some pets.

They said: "Make a safe house for your pet, a 'den' can help them a lot when loud fireworks are in the area.

"To make a simple den for them you can place a blanket over a table to cover below and include some cushions, favourite toys and treats etc in there.

"This will comfort your pet very well in these circumstances".

Posted by Crossriggs Veterinary Clinic on Thursday, 12 October 2023

Crossriggs added that anyone seeking any further advice can contact them on 01290 420255.