A new bank hub in Cumnock could potentially take over the current Bank of Scotland building, according to a local councillor.

Cumnock and New Cumnock councillor, Neill Watts has said he has received assurances about the facilities of a new banking hub in Cumnock.

Cllr Watts met with the local project manager from Cash Access UK, who will be supplying the new banking hub, to learn more about it as the final bank branch in Cumnock gets set to close next year.

It was announced recently that the planned closure for the Cumnock Bank of Scotland branch has been pushed back from February until May to allow more time for the planned Banking Hub to be set up in Cumnock.

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Banking hubs are a shared banking space, similar to a traditional bank branch, but available to customers of any of the main high street banks.

It was said that potential sites were being looked into over the summer months.

Cllr Watts said that Cash Access UK are still currently looking at potential properties within Cumnock, although are hopeful they may be able to secure the current Bank of Scotland site.

During his meeting, Cllr Watts also expressed concerns about the access to current free cash machines in town.

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Cllr Watts said: "I learnt in more detail about the facilities that a Banking Hub would provide for our community, which would include: pay in cash and cheques; withdraw cash; check your balance; pay utility bills; top up your gas and electricity and access change-giving services (for small businesses).

"You would also be able to talk to a community banker from various banks face-to-face about more complicated banking enquiries like payments and transfers, managing your account, and how to use online banking.

"Although bank availability will vary and is based on our local demand.

"I took the opportunity to highlight the pressures on the current free cash machines in the centre of Cumnock and sought reassurance that any new hub would still provide access to at least one free cash machine 24/7, perhaps even two.

"I was informed that it was currently the plan to provide at least one Free Link Cash Machine at the Hub.

"This is good news as not all Banking Hubs provide this service."