Taxi prices in East Ayrshire are set to change next month, according to council bosses.

East Ayrshire Council, being the licensing authority for taxi fares structure, proposes to alter fares and other charges in relation to taxis licensed in East Ayrshire.

Bosses say that "following consultations with persons or organisations appearing to be, or be representative of, the operators of taxis in the area", changes will take place next month.

According to the changes, which are set to come into effect on November 30, the maximum amount a taxi will be able to charge for a journey of between zero and 1,320 yards (0.75 miles) will be £4.

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For each additional 125 yards or part thereof, an additional 20p can be added.

For reference, a journey from Asda in Cumnock to Visions Leisure Centre is around one mile, meaning it could be charged at a maximum price of £4.80.

Surcharges included in the changes will be hires between midnight and 6am of £2.

Hires between midnight on December 24 until 6am on December 26 and midnight on December 31 until 6am on January 2 will be a double fare.

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Five, six, seven and eight-seater taxis will be £2 extra per passenger more than four people.

A waiting time per five minutes will be a surcharge of £1.95.

A fouling charge of £50 will come into effect.

Maximum charges for a 1.5 mile journey will be £6.20. Two miles will be £7.60. 2.5 miles will be £9. Three miles will be £10.40 and five miles will be £16.

Fares in excess of five miles will be the subject of special agreements.

Anyone wishing to make a proposal for fares to remain unchanged should write to Chief Governance Officer, Licensing Unit, Council Headquarters, London Road Kilmarnock, KA3 7BU or email by November 8, 2023.