A Cumnock man who repeatedly turned up at his 75-year-old dad’s house demanding money was warned to behave himself ahead of sentencing. 

Scott McAlister pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards his father on August 6 this year, after repeatedly attending the property in Skerrington Place, demanding entry and then money, in an aggressive manner.  

He also refused to leave when asked and also challenged his father to fight. 

The 47-year-old was warned to behave himself ahead of sentencing next year. He appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court on Tuesday, October 3.

The Procurator Fiscal depute said: “On Saturday, August 5 the witness was in his home address. The accused attended under the influence of drugs, demanding money. 

“The accused started looking through drawers. The complainer contacted police feeling threatened. Some time later police attended.  

“At 6pm he returned banging the door but was not allowed entry. He was informed police were contacted and continued shouting."

The accused left and returned another three times.

She added: "Police officers attended. He was thereafter cautioned and charged."

Defence solicitor Robert logan said his client has a limited criminal record and suffered from mental health problems.

He added: “He had made a unilateral decision to stop taking his medication. The day of the offence he spent the day drinking vodka.

"He is very disappointed in himself. 

Sheriff John Montgomery said: “This seems to be abhorrent behaviour on your part. I hope you have learned lessons in this. 

He adjourned sentencing for six months for McAllister to demonstrate good behaviour.