A Cumnock man told his ex girlfriend he had acquired a gun while struck 'down the rabbit hole' taking Etizolam street valiums.

Jason Scott pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and causing her fear and alarm during incidents on March 9 and March 30 this year.

The 27-year-old admitted repeatedly telephoning and text messaging her stating he was awaiting recept of a gun, before then telling her he had it in his possession.

He told her that a bullet from the gun would put a hole in her - later attending her address and placing what appeared to be a bullet in her hand.

The court heard the gun in his possession was a non-lethal olympic starter pistol.

He admitted a second complaint of breaching bail condition not to enter the street or contact.

He also pleaded guilty to then later stealing a chainsaw and hedgecutter, then throwing a piece of wood towards his cousin on August 12, in Lamont Crescent, while on bail.

The Procurator Fiscal depute said: "The accused and complainer were in a relationship for eight years.

"The accused on a phonecall said he would 'get a gun' off of someone. On Sunday, March 12, during a phonecall said he was waiting on delivery of a gun.

"During a phonecall she heard a popping sound and was asked if she knew what the noise was. She said it sounded like a gun and he confirmed it was.

"He told her 'I've got something for you' and asked to meet outside.

"He showed the witness a long black object she thought may be a gun.

"He placed what appeared to be a small bullet in her hand. The witness then contacted police.

"When cautioned and charged he replied: 'It was stupid, I should have done nothing'."

Defence solicitor Robert Logan explained the gun was a Olympic style starter pistol, while family members were growing more worried about him 'going down the rabbit hole of Etizolam'.

He said: "A number of years ago he was in a serious accident and began taking opiates.

"At the end of the relationship he found it difficult to cope with. At the end of 2020 got involved in taking street Valium Etizolam.

"His behaviour became more and more bizarre. Everyone thought it [the gun] fantasy nonsense."

Sheriff John Montgomery: "It appears to me things went very array in your life at the end of your relationship. Obviously turning to the stated drug had a massive effect."

Scott, of McTurk Road, was spared custody and placed on a community payback order with supervision for 18 months with drug counselling.

Sheriff Montgomery also gave him 150 hours of community service, adding: "I also think you would benefit from doing some work."