An Auchinleck-based men's mental health charity has been providing people with priceless advice on dealing with darker evenings.

Release Ayrshire, created by Robbie Muir and supported by a loyal team, has advised people of ways on how they can deal with darker nights over the winter period.

The charity say that people feeling down during the darker evenings could be experiencing Seasonally Adjusted Disorder (SAD).

However, Release have said there are some ways people can combat this feeling. 

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Providing the helpful advice, they said: "Do long winter nights make you feel down? If this affects your mood, you might suffer from SAD – Seasonally Adjusted Disorder.

"In most cases however, it’s just that darkness makes our brains think we should be asleep!

"While burying your head under the duvet might seem appealing, there are other ways to dispel the winter blues without going into hibernation.

"Get outside. Get out whilst it is still light outside. It doesn’t have to be a hike in the woods, it can just be a walk around the office car park or to the shop, or to the end of the road. Fresh air is always good for your mind.

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"Get cosy. Take the darker nights as an opportunity to eat hearty winter meals, cuddle up on the couch with a book or watch your favourite comfort movies. Self care is more important than ever when you're feeling a little down.

"Vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D deficiency may be a risk factor for depressive symptoms. Low levels of vitamin D, often caused by lack of exposure to sunlight, have been found in people with SAD. Ensuring you get enough sunlight during the day and incorporating vitamin D-rich foods into your diet may help."

For more information and advice, you can find the Release Ayrshire team on its Facebook page.