Developers have submitted Planning Permission in Principle for development of a new Barony wellness facility.

The application, from National Pride, is a redesign of a submission that was rejected by councillors in a tight vote earlier this year.

National Pride says that the new application has taken "on board the reasons for refusal".

Cumnock Chronicle:

Initial plans, which were submitted back in November 2021, received backlash from environmentalists over the natural impact of the plans.

Councillors turned down the plans after the votes were tied at six apiece, with Provost Todd using his casting vote to refuse permission for the project.

National Pride had held consultation evenings as it revealed plans for a resubmission.

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A design statement attached to the new plans states: "This application presents a complete redesign from the previous rejected scheme, taking on board the reasons for refusal.

"The brief is to develop a masterplan to build approximately 200 units of leisure accommodation of varying types, along with ancillary accommodation that provides the necessary facilities to create a destination promoting wellness and eco-tourism.

"The development aims to embrace the local ecology."

National Pride is again proposing a "non-exclusive health and wellness destination, Barony Wellness will provide active health and mental relaxation facilities, accessible and affordable for all", believed to be a first for Europe.

Currently, a Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) to assess risk from coal mining and coal mine gas is underway.

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Many who were against the initial proposals cited the natual and environmental impacts to the location that these plans could have.

Planners say that "further ecological surveys and geotechnical work" has been completed, and that "the masterplan has undergone a complete redesign".

They added: "Firstly, the proposal has been developed with a strong commitment to minimising any adverse impacts on the environmental quality of the area, as highlighted by criterion ii.

"While the concerns about potential impacts were previously valid, the proposal has undergone extensive environmental impact assessments and has incorporated advanced mitigation strategies.

"These assessments provide a robust foundation for ensuring that any impacts are thoroughly understood and adequately managed, thereby upholding the policy’s intentions.

"In response to the concern about consequential works, the proposal includes a masterplan that shows a cohesive integration with the existing site fabric.

"Detailed plans showcase how the development will incorporate heritage elements and how it will effectively link to existing green infrastructure. Moreover, the proposal outlines measures to enhance these elements, contributing positively to the overall fabric of the area."

Cumnock Chronicle:

It concluded: "The new scheme has clearly taken into account the council’s reasons for refusal and incorporated their comments, resulting in a proposal that strives to address the policy’s criteria in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner.

"It is crucial to recognise the progress made and the efforts undertaken to align the proposal with the council’s expectations and policy objectives."

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has also been attached to the new proposals, looking at how these target can achieved.

Cumnock Chronicle:

It adds: "The colonisation of plants and creation of valuable new habitats that has occurred over the past four decades feature strongly in the layout and design principles.

"Their retention, protection and enhancement is achieved through a development that minimises ground disturbance and utilises low impact displacement foundations for the majority of buildings.

"This is as much for the purpose of minimising construction waste and associated potential ground remedial treatment, but primarily for the protection of habitats and wildlife corridors."

An initial determination date has been set for January 13, 2024. However, this is not necessarily when a decision will be made on the plans.

View the full proposals on the East Ayrshire Council website, by searching for 23/0491/PPP.