A local business has objected to plans to build two new flats in Auchinleck at the site of an abandoned warehouse.

ATW Chartered Architects have submitted the plans to East Ayrshire Council to transform the vacant space to the rear of Auchinleck Post Office.

According to the plans, the most recent use of the site has been abandoned warehouse that hasn't been in use for a number of years.

However, as part of an objection from nearby business Alexander Muir Funeral Directors, they say that the land is currently vacant and has been for a number of years.

Alexander Muir Funeral Directors also added that there there could be "disturbing" revelations to the plans.

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The objection says: "We regularly bring deceased person in and out of our premises, via the vennel access pend.

"Also, we transfer coffins into our hearse at these premises. This may be disturbing to anyone who is unfamiliar with this type of operation.

"There is very limited parking and turning space currently for our hearse, cars and neighbours cars. There will be virtually no room to manoeuvre vehicles if a building is erected.

"The planning application is for change of use and alterations of disused warehouse.

"There is currently no warehouse or building on this ground/property. Therefore the construction would be new build. The photograph submitted with the planning application is at least 10 years old , the building was demolished approx 9 years ago due to being in dangerous condition.

"Only the concrete slab, in poor condition, remains. The application states 2 existing parking spaces and request 2 parking spaces.

"There was only ever 1 parking space available at the old premises. There is very poor access for construction machinery, equipment, materials and scaffolding."

Cumnock Chronicle: A photo attached to the plans.A photo attached to the plans. (Image: ATW Chartered Architects (East Ayrshire Council))

The objection adds: "The application states there are no trees on the site.

"There is currently a tree on the premises, garden area, which has not been shown on the drawings.

"The tree provides discreet cover for the neighbours to the rear and prevents them from seeing deceased persons being brought in and out of the parlour.

"If this is removed then our operations will be visible to all and may distress some of our neighbours."

A further objection to the plans was also provided by a Mrs Helen Brown, citing noise pollution, parking access and sewage issues as issues.

Neither Scottish Water or Ayrshire Roads Alliance have given any objections to the plans.

You can view the full plans on the East Ayrshire Council website.