A charity fun day held to support Ukrainian families in the area could help to change lives, according to a Type-1 diabetes charity.

Cumnock-based Lochlan's Legacy held the fun day in Kilmarnock at the weekend, with support available to learn more about dealing with Type-1, as well as other health support.

The charity aims to teach people about living with the condition, and how it affects those around them.

Cumnock Chronicle: A great day in Kilmarnock.A great day in Kilmarnock. (Image: Charlie Gilmour)

Set up by Cumnock teen Lochlan Murdoch, he, along with his mum Lesley and the trusty charity team, aim to do as much great work as they can to shout about the condition.

The weekend saw them pitch up at Kilmarnock's Rugby Park on Sunday, September 10, where more than 60 people came along to benefit from the support.

Lesley, who does so much great work for the charity, said the day was all about giving out the support and helping to create a community feeling.

Cumnock Chronicle: Lochlan's Legacy helping out.Lochlan's Legacy helping out. (Image: Charlie Gilmour)

She told the Chronicle: "It was a really well supported day and we're so grateful for everyone who joined in.

"The kids who turned up had an amazing day and were delighted when the fire brigade turned up to show them the engine.

"These people have gone through a lot already, so just to be able to give them a couple of hours where they can take their minds off of other things was amazing.

"The nicest part for me was when we went into the 1869 suite and Kilmarnock had out on a mixture of Scottish food and Ukrainian food and everyone was sitting chatting away and it was just a really lovely moment to see that."

Cumnock Chronicle: The charity helped support Ukrainian families in the area.

Lesley added: "It was great for them to be able to come along, get some support and see about other things going on.

"It was really humbling, because at times I think you can forget there is still a war going on in Ukraine and seeing some of these people really put things into perspective."

The day has been something that's been in the pipeline for a while, and Lesley was understandably over the moon at how much Lochlan wanted to help out.

Cumnock Chronicle: A great day.A great day. (Image: Charlie Gilmour)

Lesley said: "Lochlan's T1D and ME-Giving Youth A Voice group were wanting to get involved in their first event, and we had an idea that we wanted to do something for Ukrainian families in the west of Scotland.

"They had a big say about what was there and making sure there was stuff for the young people who went along.

"It was just an amazing day and very worthwhile, I'm extremely proud of how it went."