The campaign to get a new playpark for children in Logan is gathering pace.

We reported last month that locals held a public meeting in a bid to launch a campaign for new facilities for the wee ones in the village.

Now a second meeting is to be held in Logan, this time with council representatives coming along to the Day Care Centre at 7pm on Tuesday, August 12.

Organiser Barbara Watson, who has been trying to raise funds for the new facility, is hoping for a good turnout.

She said: "We want to try and get as many supporters as possible to turn up at the meeting, so everyone can see the backing for the playpark is there.

"We have had a lot of support, but we really do need people to turn up at the meeting to show the demand is there from the residents.

"A new playpark is deperately needed here. There's no alternative for the wee ones in Logan as at other parks, there are kids on quad bikes and everything is broken."