AN Auchinleck man who carried out horrific attacks on two women, leaving one of them scarred for life, has been jailed.

Blake Gemmell, 30, dragged both women by their hair, punched both on the head and stamped on one.

He then assaulted a police officer, spitting on him and striking him on the face.

Gemmell appeared for sentencing at Ayr Sheriff Court on August 15 having earlier pleaded guilty to three charges.

The court heard that on Barbieston Road on March 13 this year, he had seized his partner by the hair, dragged her along the floor, struck her head off kitchen cupboards and repeatedly punched her on the head.

He also assaulted his partner’s friend, pushing her, seizing her by the hair and striking her head with his knee.

Gemmell, from Milne Avenue, Auchinleck, then repeatedly kicked the second woman on her head and body.

The thug then stamped on the woman to her severe injury, impairment and permanent disfigurement.

Reports prepared for his sentencing hearing indicated that Gemmell still blamed the two women for his actions.

His lawyer told the court: “I think he has, in a very immature way, sought to minimise his involvement in this matter because he is facing a custodial sentence.

“I had hoped there would have been a clear acceptance of his involvement in this unsavoury incident.

“He had served a period in custody and I hoped a degree of reflection would have been attained by him.”

But the sheriff responded: “I am extremely disappointed by his attitude in this report.

"It was appalling conduct on his behalf, assaulting as he did two women, then seeking to blame them.

She told Gemmell: “You need to take account of your own actions.”

He was sentenced to a total of 15 months in jail.