A dog who was bitten by a snake near Loch Doon last week is on the "road to recovery".

Elaine Kennedy was out walking her dog, Murphy, close to the popular beauty spot when he was bitten by an adder.

Murphy, who is 10-months-old, was taken to the nearest available vets in Coylton, before being cared for by Vets Now Pet Emergency Hospital Glasgow.

The incident happened on a path not too far away from the Roundhouse Café at around 12.30pm on Wednesday, August 9.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Owner, Elaine, said Murphy's face almost immediately swelled up and he had trouble with his breathing.

Thanks to the swift action of Murphy's owners, vets in Coylton and the team in Glasgow, he is now recovering well.

Murphy's owners, Elaine and Frank, said: "Can't thank Vets Now enough for their care of our Cocker Spaniel Murphy aged ten months after he was bitten by a snake (adder) on his mouth whilst out hill walking on Wednesday.

"We could have lost our boy if it hadn't been for the care given here.

"Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts."

Cumnock Chronicle: The adder near Loch DoonThe adder near Loch Doon (Image: Elaine Kennedy)

A representative from the Vets Now team added: "Murphy's story reminds us of the importance of being vigilant and prepared for outdoor adventures with our furry companions.

"Find out more about the dangers of adders on our website.

"Our team are so glad to have been there for Murphy and his family."