Dumfries House's wonderful dog show will allow lots of lost dogs to be saved, according to the founder of a charity that the show was in support of.

The fantastic annual Dumfries House supports a local charity every year, with Ayrshire Drone Dog Rescue (ADDR) the beneficiaries this time around. 

ADDR works to reunite owners with their missing pets using hi-tech equipment and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Cumnock Chronicle: Liz, Tony, Alison and Lorraine from the ADDR team.Liz, Tony, Alison and Lorraine from the ADDR team. (Image: NQ Archive)

Hundreds turned up with their pooches to take part in a variety of categories, including dog who looks most like their owner, best rescue dog, best sausage catcher, and loads more.

The event also gave other local businesses the chance to come along and show what they have on offer.

Cumnock Chronicle: Dumfries House dog showDumfries House dog show (Image: NQ Archive)

Just like last year, the Cutest Puppy winner also went on to win the overall Best in Show Prize.

This year's winner was Bavarian Mountain Hound, Whisky- alongside owner, Rachel Duffy.

Cumnock Chronicle:  Bavarian Mountain Hound, Whisky Bavarian Mountain Hound, Whisky (Image: NQ Archive)

ADDR founder, Liz Milligan, said the event allowed her team to provide some vital advice to those who have lost their dogs, as well as providing vital funds to continue their hard work.

Liz said: "It's been a fantastic day, because what we're here for is to let people know about what we do and to give people advice on what to do if their dog goes missing.

"Whan a lot of people come to us, they'll ask how much it costs. Being to come to this event will allow a lot more dogs to be able to be returned safely.

"We run solely on donations and a lot of the owners do donate to us, and a lot of them, rightfully so, get caught up in trying to find their dog.

"We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the kind donations and the work of our wonderful volunteers.

Cumnock Chronicle: Fabulous best costume winner.Fabulous best costume winner. (Image: NQ Archive)

"It's also been a bit of an eye-opening day for people who have spoken to us, because they didn't realise some of the things you shouldn't do if your dog goes missing.

"You shouldn't instinctively run towards it, because a lot of the time the dog will be in survival mode and won't recognise the owner.

"Sharing stuff like that has been great, and it's just brilliant to see so many people enjoying themselves."

Cumnock Chronicle: Bruce claimed the crown of dog that looked most like their owner.Bruce claimed the crown of dog that looked most like their owner. (Image: NQ Archive)

This year's event was the eighth annual show at the estate, with work already im the planning for the ninth show next year.

Dumfries House Estates coordinator and event organiser, Louise Mcclounie added: "It's been another amazing day and amazing turnout.

Cumnock Chronicle: Best veterans.Best veterans. (Image: NQ Archive)

"Events like this allow us to engage with the community as much as we can.

"A lot of the dogs that I've seen at the event are dogs that I'll see on the estate on a daily or weekly basis, so it's great to host something for the community.

Cumnock Chronicle: Best sausage catcher.Best sausage catcher. (Image: NQ Archive)

"It's amazing work that they [ADDR] do and being able to promote their cause is something that's brilliant to be able to do.

"We want to be able to provide as much as we can for the community, so work has already started for next year's show."

Cumnock Chronicle:

Well done to all the winners!