The father of a Mauchline girl who is battling a devastating cancer diagnosis has said that ongoing supporting from the community and beyond continues to blow the family's minds.

Young Ava Bolton is bravely living with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma.

Since her diagnosis, parents Scott and Natalie have been doing all they can to raise £250,000 to take Ava for specialist treatment in America, once her current treatment ends.

Cumnock Chronicle: Ava with brother Lucas.Ava with brother Lucas. (Image: Help our Ava)

At the start of their journey to raise funds, Scott admitted that £250,000 seemed like a lifetime away.

However, after only four months of raising money, Ava's target has recently passed the £200,000 mark.

The East Ayrshire community and beyond have come together to host various fun days, charity nights, collections, and much more on behalf of the Boltons.

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"I'm genuinely speechless at how generous people have been and continue to be," Scott said.

"The support we've had has been constant from everyone, it's been outstanding.

"I never thought we would be at this point so soon if I'm being honest.

"As a family we genuinely can't thank people enough for what they've done for us already and we've got some stuff coming up over the next few weeks and months as well to boost that number hopefully".

Cumnock Chronicle: Ava all smiles.Ava all smiles. (Image: Help Our Ava)

Ava started what was due to be an 18-month treatment at the start of this year.

Natalie and Scott, and Ava's brother Lucas, are aiming to raise the £250,000 to send the youngster to a new vaccination treatment in New York, once her current treatment cycle is complete.

This treatment aims to stops the neuroblastoma from returning.

Scott said Ava has been doing well since returning home after he last dose of chemotherapy.

Now the youngster has got three weeks before going back to hospital for what will be her last round of chemotherapy.

After her next chemotherapy, Ava will then go through radiotherapy followed by immunotherapy, before the family make plans to travel to America.

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Scott said that Ava has been a real warrior throughout.

He added: "She's absolutely acing everything so far.

"The way she's handled it has been amazing.

"We've kind of tried to explain to her what's going on with her, but she just knows that she's sick and we're trying to make her better.

"But, again, we just want to send out our heartfelt thanks to those who have supported us so far."

You can support Scott and Natalie's funding for Ava online at

The dedicated Help Our Ava Facebook page also has lots of information about various fundraisers and events taking place on Ava's behalf.