An Ayrshire dog owner has sent out a warning after her pet was bitten by a snake near Loch Doon.

Elaine Kennedy was out walking her dog, Murphy, close to the popular beauty spot when he was bitten by an adder.

Murphy, who is 10 months old, was taken to the nearest available vets in Coylton, but is now being cared for in Glasgow.

Cumnock Chronicle: The adder near Loch DoonThe adder near Loch Doon (Image: Elaine Kennedy)

Elaine said the incident happened on a path not too far away from the Roundhouse Café, which made it even moreupsetting as they hadn't even properly started their walk.

It happened at around 12.30pm on Wednesday, August 9.

She said Murphy's face almost immediately swelled up and he had trouble with his breathing.

After caring for Murphy as best she could, Elaine then alerted others on social media to the ordeal Murphy had gone through.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Elaine now wants to make sure as many people and pet owners are aware of this potential danger as possible.

Elaine said: "He’s not good, he is still up in the vet hospital in Glasgow where he is getting the best care.

"They have just called to say he had a good night but isn’t out of the woods yet, the swelling on his neck is really bad and could cause problems with his breathing so he’s being transferred to a specialist department to monitor that."