A fitness fanatic from Ayrshire who is take on a mammoth challenge for charity says he can't wait to get going.

Martin Boyle will combine a 10-kilometre swim of Loch Doon with a 65km run along the entire length of the River Ayr, from its source at Glenbuck Loch all the way to the coast, in aid of Ayrshire Hospice.

Martin is now a full-time model, and spends his days travelling around Europe for fashion events - while keeping himself in tip-top shape.

Last year he completed two marathons in one day in aid of Ayrshire Hospice, with friend Euan McIntyre.

Cumnock Chronicle: Martin and Euan taking on their marathons last year. Martin and Euan taking on their marathons last year. (Image: Martin Boyle)

This year Martin, from Ayr, aims to go one step further and on his own this time.

Next Friday, August 4, he will take on a 10km swim of Loch Doon before traveling to the start of the River Ayr Way at Glenbuck, and running the intirety of its 65km length.

"I am confident about completing the challenge and I really just wish it would start," Martin said.

"My agency has been great with me and has allowed me time to focus on training for the challenge.

"I'm fully into the training just now, so I'm just hopeful I don't pick up any silly little injuries or anything like that".

Incredibly, Martin has challenged himself to complete the swim in around four hours, and the run within seven hours.

Martin's original plan was to swim from Arran to Ayr, but that was deemed too dangerous, so he set about drawing up this alternative plan.

Training has been intense for Martin, but he's never one to shy away from the challenge.

He added: "I'm happy with how I've been swimming whilst training.

"I had a swim in Loch Doon and I've had a few swims in the sea as well, so hopefully it'll be a calm morning for the swim and it's not too choppy.

"I've been running parts of the River Ayr route as well so I know that there won't be any nice surprises on the day.

"I'm training a lot and I am looking forward to it and confident about it, but I just really want to get started."

Donate to Martin's extraordinary challenge by going to: bit.ly/martinboyleayrshirehospice.