A new project is looking to enhance active travel routes to one of Ayrshire's most popular destinations.

Consultation sessions are set to be held to discuss improving travel routes to Loch Doon.

Aecom, on behalf of Ayrshire Roads Alliance, is looking to gather residents' views on a proposed active travel route between Ayr and Loch Doon.

The work will look to provide technical support on proposals to deliver a high quality and inclusive active travel route through the Doon Valley between Ayr Hospital and Loch Doon, The Doon Valley Trail.

The Doon Valley Trail aims to transform how people walk, wheel and cycle by providing an accessible, dedicated facility for all journeys to better connect local communities across the Doon Valley area whilst showcasing the surrounding landscape and its heritage.

This project is being funded and supported by South Ayrshire Council, East Ayrshire Council, Sustrans, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) and the Coalfield Communities Landscape Partnership (CCLP).

Ayrshire Roads Alliance and AECOM are now inviting the residents of the area, members of the public and other interested parties to participate in the first round of non-statutory public consultation on the Study Area, Constraints and Opportunities for the Doon Valley Trail starting next week.

Three sessions are set to take place, with all lasting between 1pm-7pm each day.

The first will take place at Dalrymple play park, 18 Barbieston Road on Tuesday, August 1.

Then it will be at Patna Village Green on Wednesday, August 2.

Finally, on Thursday, August 3, Dalmellington Leisure Centre will host the final session.

Information from the Doon Valley Trail says: "Public consultation forms an important and central element of the planning and design process, and as such, during the design process, the project team will hold a number of stages of non-statutory public consultation.

"Your participation in this consultation is important and we would value any feedback which you think should be reviewed by the project team to help inform the development of the project.

"The purpose of this public consultation is to inform the public of the project and to invite feedback on the project Study Area, the Constraints and Opportunities located within and any other features that the Design Team should consider."

You can find more information about the project on the Doon Valley Trail website.