A MAUCHLINE man has been jailed after being found guilty of subjecting his ex-partner to terrifying abuse.

John Allan was convicted by a judge of threatening and intimidating the woman at a property in the town.

The 43-year-old’s lawyer said Allan claimed to have been “manipulated” and “goaded” by the victim, but that he ultimately accepted he was responsible for his own actions.

Allan was convicted of a campaign of abuse of the woman between October 2021 and January 2022.

Sheriff Siobhan Connelly found him guilty of entering a bathroom before pulling back a shower curtain while the woman was washing.

He also sent her emails of a threatening nature and repeatedly phoned her, and making threats and telling her not to attend social gatherings between November 1 and December 10, 2021.

He contacted the woman’s mother asking that the victim get in touch with police and allow contact with him.

He repeatedly sent her unwanted and excess emails, asking her to meet him, and sent her a card with an engagement ring inside.

On New Year’s Day, 2022, Allan contacted the woman’s employer, telling them personal details about her and urging them to consider whether she was suitable to work for them.

The case went to trial and Allan was found guilty.

When Allan returned to Ayr Sheriff Court for sentencing last week, defence solicitor Ashley Kane said her client's position was that he felt he had been "manipulated" and "goaded" by the complainer, but that he "should not have reacted".

Ms Kane said Allan accepted that “he was responsible for his own actions”.

Ms Kane also told the court that a programme to address Allan’s behaviour would not be suitable, and asked Sheriff Connelly to step back from a restriction of liberty order.

Sheriff Connelly told Allan: “I heard all the evidence, and convicted you under Section 1 of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act.

"This is a serious charge with a number of elements to the behaviour.

"In these circumstances, where you don't accept responsibility and made clear you would not engage, given the serious nature of the charge I have no option but to send you to custody.”

Allan was jailed for six months, and a non-harassment order was put in place forbidding him from any form of contact with the victim until July 2026.

The Chronicle would like to clarify that an earlier version of this court story incorrectly included charge details which were amended at court. We apologise for the oversight.