Six youths were arrested in Cumnock last night after police dealt with instances of disorder.

Around 8:30pm, officers were in Ayr Road following reports of antisocial behaviour.

Three male youths, aged 14, 15 and 17 were arrested in connection with the incident. 

Around 9:15pm at The Square in Cumnock, officers responded to reports of disorder and a 14-year-old male, and 17-year-old female were arrested. 

Shortly after, at a bus stop, officers arrested a 14-year-old female also in connection with antisocial behaviour. 

A police spokesperson said: "All youths are being reported to the relevant authorities and enquiries are ongoing to identify further youths with officers reviewing relevant CCTV images from around the area. 

"An action plan is in place with increased dedicated patrols in the area to offer reassurance to the public and identify anyone involved in antisocial behaviour."

Sergeant Claire Garrett said: “Six young people were arrested last night, I’m sure that’s not how they thought their Friday night would end. We know that it’s a small minority of youths who choose to engage in antisocial behaviour but anyone who does will be dealt with robustly. 

"I would like to remind parents and carers that they too can play a part in keeping our community safe, by asking their children where they are going and what they are doing, discouraging them from taking part in any anti-social behaviour.”