A bid by East Ayrshire's Labour councillors to seize four of the local authority's plum jobs - and hand another to the Rubbish Party - has fallen flat.

The annual vote for the council's provost, depute provost, leader and depute leader saw the SNP quartet of Jim Todd, Claire Leitch, Douglas Reid and Jim McMahon remain in their posts.

The SNP has held power in East Ayrshire as a minority administration since the local government elections in May 2022, with 14 members.

There are 10 Labour councillors and four independents, with Sally Cogley the sole representative of The Rubbish Party.

There was a sense of deja vu in Thursday's vote, particularly for the provost and depute provost - both of whom were controversially ousted in June 2021 after four years in their roles.

Labour's Barry Douglas took over as provost, with Cllr Cogley as his deputy - but less than a year later it was a case of 'as you were', with Cllrs Todd and Leitch voted back into their civic roles after the SNP was returned as the largest single party group.

At Thursday's meeting Cllr Todd, who represents Kilmarnock South, was re-nominated by the SNP group to serve as provost, with Labour putting forward Elaine Stewart (Doon Valley) and the Conservatives proposing James Adams (Kilmarnock West and Crosshouse).

The vote went along party lines, with Cllr Todd receiving 17 votes - including that of former Labour group leader John McGhee (Annick), while Cllr Stewart got 11 and Cllr Adams four.

The vote for depute provost saw Cllr Leitch up against Cllr Cogley, who was nominated by the Labour group, while the Conservatives put forward Councillor Alyson Simmons (Ballochmyle)

Councillor Leitch received 16 votes, with Cllr Cogley receiving 11 and Cllr Simmons getting four.

With no absolute majority, a second round was held with Cllr Simmons eliminated - and this time the vote was 16-15 in favour of Cllr Leitch after both Labour and the Conservatives threw their weight behind Cllr Cogley.

The pattern remained the same for the vote for leader and depute leader.

Councillor Douglas Reid (Kilmarnock West and Crosshouse), who was voted in as leader after last year's election, was proposed by the SNP, with Maureen McKay and John McFadzean for Labour and the Conservatives respectively.

The vote saw 16 for Cllr Reid, 11 for Cllr McKay, four for Cllr McFadzean and one abstention, meaning re-election for Cllr Reid.

The depute leader vote went exactly the same way with Jim McMahon elected for the SNP ahead of Labour’s Barry Douglas and  the Conservatives' Neill Watts.

Three of the independents also voted consistently, with Councillor Drew Filson supporting the SNP group and Sally Cogley and Graham Boyd voting with Labour.

Ellen Freel abstained in the votes for leader and depute leader.

Labour continued to seek a shake up of the administration despite losing out on the top jobs.

The SNP suggested the make-up of the Cabinet should remain as it was, with six portfolio holders - five SNP councillors and one independent - alongside two Labour members and one from the Conservatives.

The Labour group wanted to have five of its members as portfolio holders and one independent in the shape of Graham Boyd (Kilmarnock East and Hurlford).

But councillors voted 20-11 in favour of maintaining the status quo.