Council bosses have moved to quash a social media 'hoax' claiming that pupils at a local academy are identifying as animals.

Similar, seemingly conjectured statements had been made about other schools across Ayrshire.

A viral TikTok video was seen by thousands of people (although it seems to have since been removed), claiming that litter trays were being installed at Ayr Academy.

Rumours were also flying around that the same thing had been happening at Robert Burns Academy in Cumnock, although this has been called completely untrue by East Ayrshire Council.

South Ayrshire Council also shot down any claims of this.

An East Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: "East Ayrshire Council can confirm that there is absolutely no truth in the alleged rumours circulating online that The Roberts Burns Academy, or indeed any East Ayrshire educational facility, is installing litter trays for the use of young people.

"This hoax, which claims that young people are identifying as cats started circulating online almost two years ago in Canada, spreading to the US then Scotland at the start of this year.

"This hoax always follows the same pattern – rumours start that litter trays are being installed, quickly followed by a denial from the educational facility.

"Reuters carried out an investigation last year and were able to disprove the claims in every instance."