Plans to build a new woodland nursery in Mauchline have been recommended for approval by council officials.

The application, submitted on behalf of Helix Homes Ltd, would see the new complex built in the woodland area north of the Loudoun Street car park

Stairhill Architecture, which is taking the plans forward, says the plans will help to spark new life into the existing neglected woodland for the benefit of the wider community.

Feedback from the community has been mixed, with some saying that a new nursery is needed due to new housing being built, while others feel that taking away a part of the natural woodland is not necessary for the plans.

The issue wil be raised at East Ayrshire Council's planning committee tomorrow (Friday, June 23) as councillors have their say on plans for the 64-child nursery.

It has been said that plans should be passed, but with some strings attached.

Ayrshire Roads Alliance's (ARA) traffic team said that there are concerns about on-street parking, due to the congested nature of where the nursery would be located and the lack of public parking.

Clear guidance must be given to parents and guardians about this issue, ARA said.

East Ayrshire Council said that, if approved, work must begin on the nursery within three years and all conditions must be met before work begins.

View the council's recommendations on the East Ayrshire Council website.