A TEENAGE rapist threatened to spread malicious stories about his victim unless she agreed to his sick demands, a court has heard. 

Rhys Roberts' victim penned an emotional letter to her mother after being attacked by the predator more than three years ago, the High Court in Glasgow was told.

The girl, then 15, was raped in woods near Ochiltree on May 31, 2019.

Roberts, 19, was jailed for three years when he appeared before judge Lord Young on Tuesday, having been found guilty by a jury of rape after a trial.

The court heard that after eventually getting to the safety of her home, and initially alerting her mum, the girl bravely went to the police to report what happened.

Lord Young said he had taken into consideration the guidelines for sentencing young offenders and other factors.

But he decided Roberts, also of Ochiltree, had to be detained for what he did.

The judge went on to explain the trauma the victim has suffered as a result of the attack.

He said: "Your victim described a degree of physical force being used, and the longer effect from you to spread stories about her, if she did not do what you wanted.

"You appear to have arranged this meeting with her in a secluded area determined that you would get the sexual activity you wished.

"It was, in my view, some degree of predatory behaviour.

"The victim went home and, in a short period of time, she wrote an anguished letter to her mother of what had happened.

"She then went with her parents to the police."

Lord Young stated the teenager continues to suffer "significant emotional issues".

He added: "Sadly, she also blames herself for not doing more to get away from you that day and not screaming for help.

"There is a stark contrast between your continuing refusal to take responsibility and the victim's over-willingness to take responsibility for something that was simply not her fault."

Lord Young had earlier told the sentencing hearing that the "crime of rape will normally, but not always" result in the offender being locked up.

He had considered whether Roberts was an "exceptional case" in which custody could be avoided, but had concluded it was not.

Roberts was also put on the sex offenders list indefinitely.