Cumnock and New Cumnock councillor, June Kyle, has said there is some cause for concerns for drivers now that Glaisnock Street has fully reopened.

The road, which was partially closed since October 2021, opened again this week.

Drivers coming from Lugar Street via The Square, towards Townhead Street have had no traffic coming from their right for almost 20 months, and this is something that is of concern to the Labour representative.

TIMELINE: A year-and-a-half later and Glaisnock Street fully reopens

Labour councillor, Ms Kyle, said: “They need to put warnings up as [drivers] are flying round the square and going up and down the main street because there is no traffic coming from the right.

“There is going to be mayhem.

“We need to remind people that the road is opened up again. It is terrible to get across at the moment. They are literally flying round the square.”

Give way signs have been places at the junction where Glaisnock Street meets Townhead Street, to remind drivers that traffic is coming from both sides again.

The reopening came up during a discussion on dangerous buildings.

The partial closure of Glaisnock Street came about as the result of work to demolish the fire gutted former Jade Flower takeaway and turn it into a car park.

During demolition, the adjacent building, formerly TCs bar,  became unstable and further work was required to make it safe.  It was reported that an ‘inherent defect’ rather than the demolition work caused the issue.

David Mitchell, the council’s chief governance officer  said the work had cost in the region of £200,000, with the council unable to pursue costs as the company which had last owned the building had been dissolved.

The council is in the process of acquiring the building through the courts in order, and aim to sell it to recover the costs incurred making it safe.

Mr Mitchell said that the issue around ownerless buildings was one that he hoped could be addressed.

He said: “One arm of the state can sit there and make companies disappear at stroke of pen without any investigation into what they are leaving behind.

“In my view they should establish what buildings have been left before allowing companies to disappear.”

Throughout the town, the reopening was met with joy from drivers and locals, with many commenting that it gives the town centre a major boost.

Local businesses could also see the benefit from not having the road closed, although the feeling among some of the businesses was that people had become so used to the road closure, that its re-opening might not affect their business at all.