Cumnock Juniors legend, Bobby McCulloch says he hopes current skipper Kyle McAusland will join him as a cup-winning captain this weekend.

The man who lifted the Scottish Junior Cup for Cumnock and 1979 and 89 said he'd be delighted if McAusland wrote his name into Cumnock history - as he did all those years ago.

The current Cumnock team are 90 minutes away from joining the 79 and 89 heroes and bringing the cup back to Townhead Park on Friday.

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Bobby McCulloch, who was 23 when he was captain for Cumnock's first triumph, said that the current players just have to play their own game and forget about what's at stake - if they can.

Thinking back to when he was in those shoes, McCulloch said it was on his mind the whole week, as he thought about the worst possible scenarios.

"I would think about what would happen if I gave away a goal, or a penalty or something like that," Bobby McCulloch said.

Cumnock Chronicle: Adam Torbett's decorations for the Cumnock game.Adam Torbett's decorations for the Cumnock game. (Image: Adam Torbett)

"It was on my mind the full week, but as soon as that first whistle went, you just play your game.

"That's what the players have to do on Friday.

"I remember the pressure of 1979 because we hadn't won it.

"My dad played in the 1949 and 1950 cup finals that they lost, so when we won in '79 I just remember looking for my dad in the crowd and I gave him my medal.

"I loved playing for Cumnock and I loved that my dad played for Cumnock.

"You always see youngsters seeing they want to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid or Manchester United, but I only wanted to play for Cumnock Juniors."

Cumnock Chronicle: Bobby McCulloch with the trophy after the 1979 final.Bobby McCulloch with the trophy after the 1979 final. (Image: Cumnock Juniors)

The town of Cumnock has already got into the spirit of things, with houses, shops and street lights lined with bunting, flags and scarves.

Although the streets weren't decked out in quite as much black and white back in 1979, McCulloch certainly remembers the huge crowds that gathered to cheer the team on.

In a Cumnock career that spanned 18 years and around 750 appearances in the famous black and white jersey, he can still remember those two days vividly.

He said: "The buses were all lined up and the crowd lined up to clap us off as we headed for the game.

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"It was brilliant when we won in 1979 and 1989 and it's something that people remember to this day.

"That's the kind of thing the boys are playing for on Friday night. If they win then they'll be remembered for it.

"I really hope they do it, and best of luck to them".