CHILDREN and parents at Bellsbank Early Childhood Centre (ECC) have put their best feet forward to raise cash for a forthcoming summer trip.

The group helped raise an incredible £2,025 by involving the kids and their families taking a royal-themed walk around Bellsbank.

Kids made crowns to help them celebrate the King's coronation, and parents were also invited into the ECC to have a stay and play session and attend an afternoon tea with their children. 

Cumnock Chronicle: Bellsbank ECC's effort.Bellsbank ECC's effort. (Image: Bellsbank ECC)

Support came from right across the village, as people chipped in to support the nursery.

An ECC representative said: "We were eternally grateful to the support from the community in providing free and reduced cost items for the afternoon tea- including the Co-op for free supplies for the sandwiches and How Convenient for the napkins and cups.

Cumnock Chronicle: A great day for the kids and their familiesA great day for the kids and their families (Image: Bellsbank ECC)

"We would also like to thank Mrs Swain, our catering manager, and her team for their time and effort, making  the Afternoon Tea – cakes, lovely scones and sausage rolls.

"Thanks also go to the Parent Council who made the route map and lead the walk and our Wellbeing Café members who made sandwiches. 

"Last, but by no means least, I wish to thank the ECC staff team for their hard work and dedication to the children and the wide array of experiences they provide for the children."

Details of the summer's trip have not been finalised yet.