The latest set of temporary lights on the A76 near Mauchline are only set to last for a few days.

Drivers would have been delighted to learn that the seemingly never-ending roadworks on the Howford Bridge were removed yesterday.

After a number of setbacks, work was finally completed and traffic restrictions were removed.

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However, the joy was short-lived as motorists found that another set of lights had been placed a few hundred metres further north, closer to Mauchline, not long after the Howford Bridge work had stopped.

Work is being carried out by Scottish Water on the A76 road just before drivers enter Mauchline.

Despite the concerns, these works are only set to last until Monday, May 29, at the latest, according to a roadwork notice.

After that, drivers should be able to enjoy a traffic lights-free drive between Auchinleck and Mauchline.