An Albanian man who was caught with sick child abuse images after jumping out a window during a drugs raid in Cumnock is expected to be deported within weeks.

Selfie Senani was put on the sex offenders register for 10 years – but the UK authorities won’t be able to monitor him once he’s taken back to his homeland.

The footage was found on Senani's mobile phone after he jumped from a window in a bid to escape from police during a drugs raid.  

The 27-year-old admitted having made indecent images or pseudo-images of children at an address in Car Road, Cumnock, between January 5 and February 27, 2022.  

Not guilty pleas were accepted to charges of possessing the same types of image between January 5 and March 5, and to possession of extreme pornographic images not involving children.

The court heard Senani was due to be deported by the Home Office on his release from HMP Kilmarnock.

Senani first appeared from custody on December 8, 2022 before being fully committed and remanded again eight days later.  

Procurator fiscal depute Rosslyn Walsh had told an earlier hearing: “On March 4, 2022 police officers had cause to attend [the locus]. They entered the property shouting ‘police’ and heard people running upstairs.  

“They observed the accused jumping from an upstairs window, landing on decking and causing himself an injury.  

“He was arrested on a separate matter and a search was carried out on his mobile phone recovered. It was submitted to the cyber crime unit.  

“There was one category A still image [the most serious type], created on the date on January 8, 2022, of a female child aged 14-16 sitting naked on the floor.  

“There were 20 moving images, 14 at category A, all stored in the Telegram application, from January 5 to February 7, with male and female children aged two to 16.” 

Prosecutors described various individual images of youngsters engaged in sexual acts.  

Defence solicitor Ian Gillies told Sheriff Mhairi MacTaggart that his client was an Albanian national but had good English and was able to understand proceedings.  

He said: “It is an unusual case. It was a drugs search and he was arrested and held in custody.

“He appeared on indictment regarding the drugs on May 2022, and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

“The phone wasn't analysed until September or October, then in December, another petition was served.”  

When he returned to court last week, Mr Gillies said: “Once his custody is complete he will be taken from Bowhouse to the relevant airport and sent to Albania.  

“His previous sentence was completed in March so he is in custody only on this matter. 

“His position to me is he was unaware of 19 pictures and one video [having been downloaded] on his phone, but he fully accepts the need to be punished, and knows what’s going to happen.  

“Ordinarily the number of images wouldn’t result in custody disposal, but it is what it is. 

Sheriff Mhairi MacTaggart told Senani: “I appreciate everything said, however what you have plead guilty to is a serious matter." 

He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, reduced from 16 due to his plea, with the term backdated to December, when he was first remanded.  

The sheriff added: “You will serve a few more weeks. After that it is not a matter for me but for the [Home Office] authorities.” 

He was made subject to the notification requirements of the sex offenders register until 2033.