Modern studies students in East Ayrshire can now pay a visit to the Scottish Parliament without ever leaving their classrooms.

The Scottish Parliament has introduced free virtual classrooms that will allow students across the country to take part in a 45-minute tour of Holyrood.

The online tours are being offered alongside in-person visits and in some cases as a substitute for schools that cannot easily access the building.

Caroline Schofield, the Scottish Parliament's education manager, said: "Over the last few years, our team has focused on delivering a high-quality and informative online experience."

"We know it can be difficult for some schools to get to Edinburgh, and so with these digital sessions, all you need is a screen and a webcam, and pupils can still enjoy a 'virtual' trip to learn about their Parliament."

To make learning about the Scottish Parliament more accessible, there is also an outreach programme which sees Parliament staff visit schools.

Many teachers may opt for the virtual tour due to issues related to budgeting and staffing.

Modern Studies teacher, Lynda Swanson, said: "The session covered a lot of things we've covered already in class, and offered a different insight into them.

"It's also helpful for revision purposes, and the presenter, Angela was very good at engaging the learners, asking them questions."

Teachers can book a digital session here: