Three teens who stamped on a girl's head in New Cumnock before one hit her with a brick have been spared detention for the horrific attack.

The three girls returned to court last week after pleading guilty to the terrifying assault – carried out when they were aged between 13 and 15.

The victim, who was then 15, was left with a three-inch laceration to the back of her head, as well bruising and a swollen lip, after losing consciousness during the brutal attack at a derelict building near New Cumnock railway station on November 19, 2021.

None of the girls can be identified for legal reasons.

The three accused, of the New Cumnock and Mossblown areas, avoided custody when they appeared in private at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

However the judge dealing with the case also decided against sending the case to the Children's Hearings system - adding the serious assault 'had to be marked'.

The first girl who used the brick previously admitted assault to severe injury and danger to life, while the two co-accused pleaded guilty to amended charges of assault to injury.

Fiscal depute Craig Wainwright said: “The locus was an easily accessible building near New Cumnock railway station. The ground floor was split into two separate rooms.

“At 7.15pm the complainer, aged 15, was travelling to New Cumnock by train to see friends aged between 14 and 16 at the time. Some were consuming alcohol.

“The complainer got up to make a phone call, using her torch as it was dark.

“The three accused followed and [girl 1] walked up and grabbed her jumper. She laughed and then let go.

“The complainer crouched, and was told to stand up, but remained down.

“The accused grabbed her and dragged her to her feet. The accused [girl 2] repeatedly punched and kicked her.

“She fell to the floor and was told get up. The accused then lifted her to her feet by the hair.

“[Girl 3] shouted in her face, then spat in her face, repeatedly punching her while holding her up by her hair. She said 'I’m going to do her'.

“The complainer again fell to the ground, then crouched into a ball.

“They grabbed her by the hair and stamped on her head. This was captured on mobile phone footage showing the accused then walking away and the complainer remaining crouched in a ball.

“[Girl 1] then lifted a brick and struck the back of [the complainer's] head.

“[The brick] was observed by youths present as a similar size to an A4 sheet of paper and three inches thick.

“Others then intervened and told her she ‘was finished’.

“The complainer felt dizzy and lost consciousness.

“She was able to walk and called her mother to tell her what happened. 

“Police and ambulance were called and she was taken to Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary.

“Police attended the locus the following morning and found a bloody handprint.

“In hospital she received a Snapchat message from one of the accused saying ‘sorry, hope you’re okay darling’.

“Officers arrested all three accused. All three were cautioned and charged.

“[Girl 2] made the reply: “I’m being serious, I’ll admit what I done but I did not steal the things off her.”

Sheriff Shirley Foran had deferred sentencing for social work reports and the advice of the children's hearings system - telling all three they must be aware of the ‘real gravity’ of the situation.

When the trio returned for sentencing last Thursday [March 30] solicitor John Gallagher, representing the first accused, said the incident had been sparked by an alleged comment she believed was made by the victim, referring to a traumatic incident.

Mr Gallagher said that it was unclear "where the truth lies" on whether the comment was made, but said his client "proceeded to act as heard".

Mr Gallagher said: "It's extremely serious. It's not lost on me, her, or her family, who have supported her throughout.

"She is fully aware the matter could have had more significant consequences."

John Ian Gillies, representing the second accused, said: "She is still 15 and at the time was only 14.

"I am confident the lady is not taking things lightly.

"She has always put it positively to me that she is empathetic to the victim after what went on, and has never been in trouble before."

Sheriff Foran said: "There was clearly an excess of alcohol, but I think it's striking that it led to such extreme violence.

"If it's leading to such behaviour that situation cannot return, if such consumption leads to violent behaviour, you cannot drink."

Mr Gillies added: "You can take it from me, her family have been very supportive and have let their feelings known.

"We can only be thankful the circumstances were not worse than they were."

Robert Logan, defending the third accused, told Sheriff Foran that the combination of alcohol and the isolated location had led to "a cocktail of trouble".

Mr Logan said: "She pleaded guilty under significant deletions [to the original charge], but what is left is shocking.

"In the end, she came to her senses and attempted to help the complainer.

"She immediately noticed they went too far."

Sheriff Foran told the trio: "The appalling, violent, drunken assault, with three on one, [is] made more shocking by your youth. The level of terror can only be imagined.

"With the gravity of the charge the Children's Hearing is not an option. The offences have to be marked.

"Such a case could ordinarily result in a prison sentence. Your ages and lack of other matters allows me to step back."

All three were place on a community payback order with supervision for two years, with the first accused also placed on a restriction of liberty order for three months.

Sheriff Foran added: "I will take the unusual step that [girl 1] will be on a non-harassment order for two years.

"[Girl 2] and [girl 3], I will rely on you using common sense.

"Any approach should come from her [the complainer]."