Parents and guardians of pupils at Robert Burns Academy in Cumnock have continued to voice their concerns over alleged bullying incidents at the school.

The Chronicle shared a post back in February about concerns over an alleged video showing fighting in the school.

Following this, we were contacted by a number of parents sharing their stories of how their kids have been through alleged bullying incidents in the school - with one parent saying it seems like the bullies "can do what they want".

Several have also shared similar stories on social media, with pupils also now taking to their Facebook accounts to divulge some of what apparently happens at the school.

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One mum told the Chronicle: "My daughter has suffered from bullying at the Academy since the day she started.

"It's that bad that her name is written on the wall of various toilets, with explicit language next to it - and the response is that there are other toilets she can use and it will get painted.

"They have also attacked her with snow balls prepared with stones. When I reported it, I was told it was a disgrace.

"I haven't heard another thing, and you know how long ago we had snow.

"There unfortunately hasn't been any help or care for my daughter from the school, and the only time I now hear from them is to tell me her attendance is slipping and they wonder why. 

"I'm sure you will agree that no child should suffer from this sort of behaviour when it is supposed to be the best and most important years of their life.

"You hear all the time about children suffering from mental health and my daughter is definitely struggling with hers and it is all because of the Academy doing absolutely nothing for her and protecting the bullies - or trying the restorative approach, which is clearly not working."

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Another parent told us: "I'm sick of reporting things and it not getting dealt with properly.

"It feels like the bullies can do what they want with no consequences at all.

"I think it's poor management from the top, because there are far too many kids in that school for the teachers to deal with.

"It's like a zoo at break time and lunch time, and there's no way every place in the school can be covered when the kids are everywhere.

"It's not fair on the staff, and it's certainly not fair on the pupils.

"With the experience that my older child has had at the school, I seriously doubt I'll be sending my younger child there when the time comes".

East Ayrshire Council says every incident of bullying is treated with a detailed investigation.

A council spokesperson said: "East Ayrshire Council can confirm that no form of bullying, whether this be physical, verbal or emotional is accepted under any circumstances with within the Robert Burns Academy.

"This is made clear to all of our young people through personal learning periods (PLP), our PSE [personal and social education] programme and assemblies. 

"Furthermore, we have a full 'wrap around' programme designed to encourage young people to report any incidences of bullying through their pastoral care team with includes a PLP teacher, whom every child sees every morning, their guidance teacher and their depute head teacher. 

"Every incident is actioned through a hierarchy of actions including investigations, appropriate sanctions and restorative discussions, often involving the parents/carers of those involved."