A CATRINE woman has been warned to stay away from her neighbours after admitting a months-long campaign of threats and derogatory comments towards them.

Kirsty Templeton made threats to use a hammer and a baseball bat towards them after they fell out in a dispute over noise.

The 26-year-old admitted repeatedly shouting, swearing and spitting at the neighbours’ vehicle and garden fence.

The offences were committed in Allan Drive in Catrine between August 13, 2022 and January this year.

At a hearing at Ayr Sheriff Court last week, the procurator fiscal depute said: “The complainers are partners and neighbours in a long running dispute with the accused.

“She acted this way, on some occasions, while their 11-year-old daughter was present.

“On August 13, 2022, Ms Templeton was in her home address when the complainers heard her shout threats through the wall.

“She said ‘I’ve got a baseball bat’ and that she would ‘sort her out’ and ‘rats’.

“On August 14, similar threats were made that their ‘window’s getting tanned’ and that she would do their ‘head in with a hammer’.

“[The complainer] saw her enter the garden and throw items of food in the complainers’ garden.

“Other threats were uttered throughout August all regarding the same threatening conduct.

“When one of the complainers parked her car, Ms Templeton was in the back garden and spat towards the fence.”

The fiscal depute added: “Between then and January 2023 on regular occasions shouted ‘they b******s phoned the polis again’, ‘stupid p****s’, ‘cows’, ‘w***e’, and ‘black wee d**k’.

“On January 21 the witnesses contacted police again, ultimately leading to this prosecution.

“I invite the court to consider a non-harassment order.”

Defence solicitor Gregor Forbes said his client was presently living in Cumnock due to her bail conditions but wanted to return to her property in Catrine.

Mr Forbes said: “Things got off on a bad foot when they had a housewarming party. She phoned police and neighbours became aware, which created a bad feeling.

“The complainers were not entirely blameless. She contacted me regarding their conduct. I had cause to write to the neighbours.”

Sheriff Siobhan Connolly imposed a structured deferred sentence to give Templeton the chance to show she could be of good behaviour.

Sheriff Connolly said: “You must speak to social workers and engage with them. You will be given a date to come back.

“You can go back to your home address, but you can’t approach or contact your neighbours.

“Don’t speak, talk or send them messages.”