A higher percentage of men in the Cumnock area pass their driving test than women, according to data.

The latest statistics held by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have revealed the pass rates at the Cumnock test centre.

Data reveals that from April to December 2022, a total of 409 driving tests were taken using the Cumnock test centre - with 234 people passing during this time.

Of those 409, 146 were men and 263 were women.

The stats show that 92 of the 146 men passed their tests, giving them a pass rate of 63 per cent.

Of the 263 women who sat their tests during this time, 142 passed their tests, giving them a pass percentage of 54 per cent.

June and July 2022 were the best months for men to pass, according to the data. 70 per cent passed their test during these months.

However, only 10 tests were sat by men in July, according to the data.

For women, April and September were the most successful months, with over 60 per cent of passes.