A planning application for development at Killoch depot has been recommended for approval tomorrow (Friday, March 24).

The proposal from Brockwell Energy Limited is for a 49.9MW battery energy storage facility, roughly 1.6km away from Ochiltree.

There are a number of individual properties and farms located at distances of approximately 385-700m from the application site particularly to the east of the site.

The proposed site is immediately adjacent to the Killoch depot.

Proposals would see the development provide grid stabilisation and battery energy storage, consists of a battery energy storage system, with 26 battery units.

A control room is also proposed and will have three personnel entrances.

Construction of the facility would last between 6-9 months, according to the planning application.

Enabling works would stretch over a period of about 3-4 weeks, with traffic movements over 5.5 days per week.

No major objections were given to the plans, including from Transport Scotland, Environmental Health and Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

However, a public objection from a Mr Gavin Watson was brought forward.

Mr Watson's concerns regarded having to complete upgrading work between the nearby sub station, and the one close to Coylton.

The application states that Ochiltree Community Council had not responded to the plans at the time of writing.

The proposal will go before East Ayrshire Council's planning committee tomorrow (Friday, March 24).

It is the recommendation of the council's chief governance officer, David Mitchell, that the plans be approved when the planning committee meets.

You can view the full plans on the East Ayrshire Council planning portal, by searching 22/0405/PP.