Two young Ayrshire songstresses will take to the stage alongside stars of London’s theatre scene at this weekend’s An Evening of Music from the West End at Dumfries House.

Paloma McIndoe, of Doonfoot Primary School, and Bryley Rennie, of Tarbolton Primary, were picked by Musichoir Scotland director Neil Thompson, whose Ayr-based performance choir will also perform at the event.

Paloma and Bryley will star on stage in Dumfries House’s Pavilion on Friday and Saturday night.

West End leading lady Jenna Lee-Scott and leading man John Partridge will entertain crowds of around 300 each night.

Cumnock Chronicle: Paloma McIndoePaloma McIndoe (Image: Iain Brown)

Paloma, a fan of Dua Lipa and The Clash, is excited to show off her own talent when she solo performances of songs including When I Grow Up from Matilda: The Musica.

She said: “I’ve never really done anything like that before but I think it’ll be great fun!"

Paloma's mother, Sally Scott, added: “It’s an amazing opportunity for Paloma. She’s a bit nervous because this has never happened to her before.

"She knows she just has to do her best. She has sung since she was a baby and I’m so proud of her.”

12-year-old Bryley said: “I feel really nervous but very excited at the same time. It’s amazing that everybody will see me sing and I can’t wait!”

Tickets can be purchased online.